COP28 Panel-Discussion: NDE Germany at the Future Economy Forum Solutions Dialogue (2nd December, Dubai)

At this COP28 panel organized by The Future Economy Forum, NDE Germany contributes to a panel discussion on the transformation of the global energy systems with a perspective on the transition to near zero emission pathways in industry, together with participants from IRENA, UNIDO, Siemens Energy, the BMW group and BMW Foundation.   

The side event addresses the transition processes along the energy value chain, as well as cross-cutting issues such as digitization and decentralized governance, and new public-private-community forms of system ownership, and collaboration opportunties.



  • Heba Aguib, Member of the Board, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
  • Walter Link, President, Future Economy Forum and NOW Partners
  • Asami Miketa, Head of Energy Transition Planning and Power Sector Transformation at IRENA 
  • Rana Ghoneim, Chief, Energy systems and Infrastructure Division at UNIDO
  • Mark Kuschel, Head of International Standardization of Grid Technologies at Siemens Energy
  • Dietram Oppelt, Technology Executive Committee, UNFCCC, NDE Germany
  • Thomas Becker, Vice President Sustainability Mobility at BMW Group.
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