GIZ and GCF Webinar on CATAL1.5°T [ˈkætəlɪst] Initiative (FP198)

The webinar features a forefront GCF and German government-funded regional climate technology incubation and acceleration programme geared towards propelling climate tech innovations in emerging markets and developing economies in Latin America and West Africa.

Gain valuable insights from GIZ and FP198's executing entity, Tec de Monterrey, and learn about the project's strategic approach to leveraging technology incubation for attracting investments. The session will provide an in-depth look into how businesses can engage with the CATAL1.5°T initiative and discuss the mutual benefits that exist between the project and the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism networks, including members of TEC, CTCN, NDEs


Register via: https://gcfund-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUocuisqD4tGdVib-mgUcWsTqslXQfiSn1A#/registration



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