Policy development and capacity building

Policy instruments present much-needed measures in order to – at least partly – close the difference in costs when climate-friendly technologies offer no objective economic benefit compared to established reference technologies. Policy frameworks could for example involve the phasing out of subsidies for fossil energy sources while at the same time ensuring social compensations through direct income support for poor households. Political stability and the consistency of policy goals are crucial factors for creating investor-friendly structures.

Capacity Development aims at strengthening the skills, competencies, abilities and networks of people and communities. In a climate-related context, it focuses the education and training of technical experts and the development of professional associations, which in turn can contribute to the training of skilled workers and specialists. In addition, successful technology transfer requires technical and professional knowledge in corporations, organisations and governments.

German partners with focus on capacity building and developing policy frameworks and are:

Note: This list is not exhaustive. On the NDE Germany web portal, we aim to provide access to German institutions with relevant services in the areas of climate mitigation and adaptation technologies. However, the portal has only recently been created and will grow over time. German organisation who would like to present their services in this area via the NDE platform are welcome to generate their own profile.

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