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Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG)

Organizational form Ministry Government organization Enterprise
Annual sales/project funds 2 to 10 million euros
Number of employees < 10
Foundation 2016
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The NACAG initiative, launched by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) aims to assure global abatement of N2O emissions from nitric acid production by 2020. The initiative provides all governments and plant operators with guidance and information on technological and regulatory issues regarding N2O abatement and provides financial support for the installation and operation of abatement technology on a condition that partner countries take full responsibility for the mitigation activities after 2020 (e.g. in their NDCs).

Nitrous OxideNitric AcidFinanceCatalysts

Target markets/partner countries

North Africa/Middle East


Climatically relevant technologies and services

A) Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Cross-sectoral interdisciplinary technologies for emission reduction

Other products and technologies, components and infrastructure reducing emissions

Other services

Accompanying training measures for emission-reducing products and servicesDevelopment of technology- and country-specific financing concepts for emission-reducing products and servicesAdvisory services for planning and implementing the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, emission reduction standards, etc.

C) Cross-sectoral topics

Capacity BuildingFinanceOpening new markets, initiating new contactsPolitical advice

Sample projects

Abatement of nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production in Tunisia

Project in preparation

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