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Network International Relations and Foreign Trade of EnergyAgency.NRW

Organizational form Promotion of foreign trade
Number of employees 50 to 249
Foundation 1990
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The International Relations and Foreign Trade Network of the EnergyAgency.NRW supports the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the energy sector. The goal of the network is to increase the growth and productivity of Northrhine-Westfalian SMUs as well as their participation in international trade, to connect offers, solutions and companies and provide expert information from the markets.

Entrepreneurial travelForeign fairsInformation events

Target markets/partner countries

Asia & Pacific


Latin America/Caribbean


North Africa/Middle East

Iran, Islamic Republic ofMoroccoTunisia

Sub-Saharan Africa

GhanaSouth Africa

Climatically relevant technologies and services

A) Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Climate-friendly agriculture and forestry

ReforestationLow-emission fertilizationEnergy-efficient and emission-reducing cultivation techniquesEnergy-efficient and emission-reducing farming techniques

Cross-sectoral interdisciplinary technologies for emission reduction

Firedamp capture (CH4)Replacement of climate-damaging refrigerantsNOx-catalystsFlue gas filtration techniqueOther products and technologies, components and infrastructure reducing emissionsSubstitution of nitrous oxide

Energy- and resource-intensive industries

RPM-regulated electric motorsEco-design conceptsEfficient generation of compressed airLow-emission generation of process heat and combustion technologyEnergy-efficient production and automatization techniqueUtilization of oils and fats from renewable resourcesPlanning and implementation of joint product production and eco-industrial parksPlanning of integrated, energy-efficient manufacturing sites and chainsResource- and energy-efficient product designSubstitution of fossil resources for cellulose, starch and lactic acid

Energy-efficient cities and infrastructure

Utilization of waste heatAdaptive cooling and heating technologyEfficient cooling technology (air conditioning and refrigeration)Efficient pumps and desalination plants for waterElectric transmission systems adapted to the requirements of renewable energiesEnergy and climate-efficient heat pumpsEnergy-efficient cooling appliancesEnergy-efficient server and network technologyEnergy saving lightingBuilding automation and smart grid systemsClimate adapted architecture conceptsLED street lightsEmergency power supplyEcological insulating materials, concepts, and technologiesSolar cooker

Low-emission mobility and transport

Alternative and low-emission fuelsFuel cell drivesBus-Rapid-Transit SystemsEfficient ship and port logisticsEfficient combustion enginesElectric drivesLow-emission municipal logistics conceptsInfrastructure for electric mobilityIntermodal logisticsCombined street-rail-transportNon-Motorized-TransportationMunicipal traffic conceptsTraffic-Demand-ManagementEco-friendly short-distance transit

Low-emission power supply (on- und off-grid)

Batteries and energy saving systemsBiogas plantsCombined heat and power unitsCCS and charcoalClean CoalContracting modelsHighly efficient power plantsLow voltage smart gridsStand-alone photovoltaic systemsMicrogrid planningSolar collectorsStirling enginesAlgal biofuelsHot water tanksWind turbines

Other services

Accompanying training measures for emission-reducing products and servicesDevelopment of technology- and country-specific financing concepts for emission-reducing products and servicesAdvisory services for planning and implementing the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, emission reduction standards, etc.

Sustainable waste- and recycling management

Waste segregation conceptsPlanning and implementation of waste prevention consultingLandfill gas captureLow-emission waste incinerationComposting and biogas plantsPlanning and implementation of returnable systemsPlanning of regional recycling conceptsImplementation of specific approaches to recycling, e.g. for electric waste and waste oilWaste sorting plants

C) Cross-sectoral topics

Overseas trade shows in emerging and developing countriesProvision of market information for emerging and developing countriesCapacity BuildingFact-finding tours to emerging and developing countriesOpening new markets, initiating new contacts

Sample projects

Fukushima establishes regional energy agency

For a more detailed description, please follow the link (in German): http://www.energieagentur.nrw/eanrw/fukushima_in_japan_gruendet_eigene_regionale_energieagentur

Entrepreneurial trip to Chile and Peru for the Trade Fair ”Genera Latinoamérica”

For a more detailed description, please follow the link (in German): http://www.energieagentur.nrw/international/unternehmerreise_chile_und_peru_zur_messe_genera_latinoamerica

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