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Export Initiative Environmental Technologies of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Organizational form Promotion of foreign trade Ministry Government organization
Foundation 2016
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With its 'Export Initiative Environmental Technologies', the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports small and medium enterprises with positioning their specific ranges of products and services in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. The export initiative's support encompasses country visits for market development and initial business contacts as well as presentations of their solutions.

sustainable mobilityprevention of air pollutionnoise control

Target markets/partner countries

Asia & Pacific


Europe & Central Asia


Latin America/Caribbean


North Africa/Middle East

Iran, Islamic Republic ofMoroccoTunisia

Sub-Saharan Africa

GhanaKenyaSouth Africa

Climatically relevant technologies and services

A) Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Sustainable waste- and recycling management

Waste segregation conceptsPlanning and implementation of waste prevention consultingLandfill gas captureLow-emission waste incinerationComposting and biogas plantsPlanning and implementation of returnable systemsPlanning of regional recycling conceptsImplementation of specific approaches to recycling, e.g. for electric waste and waste oilWaste sorting plants

B) Adaptation to climate change

Climate-adapted agriculture and fishery

Efficient irrigation systems

Coastal and flood protection

Dike building, flood protection construction, sluice and drainage technology buildingPlanning of dikes, flood protection constructions, sluice and drainage technologies

Water management

Fountain management (protection against flooding and contamination)Electronic monitoring of conduit systems to avoid leakagesGraywater recyclingFlood retention basinsRegeneratively powered desalination plantsWatershed planningWater recycling concepts and plantsWater storageWater Harvesting Technologies

C) Cross-sectoral topics

Provision of market information for emerging and developing countriesFact-finding tours to emerging and developing countriesOpening new markets, initiating new contacts
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