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Environmental Competence Centre Rhein-Neckar e.V. (UKOM)

Organizational form Non-governmental organization (NGO)
Annual sales/project funds ≤2 million euros
Number of employees < 10
Foundation 2003
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The companies of today face the difficulty of promoting their processes, products and business models while keeping an efficient, flexible, lot-size-1 way of production. The modern mass production, however, is becoming outdated. Climate and environmental protection, CO2-reduction, renewable energies and new technologies require long-term business decisions. The Environmental Competence Centre (UKOM) as the biggest environmentally-related non-profit organization in the region of Rhein-Neckar accepts a challenge and seeks solutions together with the companies.

Climatically relevant technologies and services

A) Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Cross-sectoral interdisciplinary technologies for emission reduction

Replacement of climate-damaging refrigerantsNOx-catalystsOther products and technologies, components and infrastructure reducing emissions

Energy- and resource-intensive industries

RPM-regulated electric motorsEfficient generation of compressed airLow-emission generation of process heat and combustion technologyEnergy-efficient production and automatization techniqueResource- and energy-efficient product design

Energy-efficient cities and infrastructure

Utilization of waste heatAdaptive cooling and heating technologyEfficient cooling technology (air conditioning and refrigeration)Efficient pumps and desalination plants for waterElectric transmission systems adapted to the requirements of renewable energiesEnergy and climate-efficient heat pumpsEnergy-efficient cooling appliancesEnergy-efficient server and network technologyEnergy saving lightingBuilding automation and smart grid systemsLED street lightsEcological insulating materials, concepts, and technologies

Low-emission mobility and transport

Alternative and low-emission fuelsEfficient combustion enginesElectric drivesInfrastructure for electric mobilityIntermodal logisticsEco-friendly short-distance transit

Low-emission power supply (on- und off-grid)

Batteries and energy saving systemsBiogas plantsCombined heat and power unitsHighly efficient power plantsStand-alone photovoltaic systemsSolar collectorsWind turbines

Other services

Accompanying training measures for emission-reducing products and servicesAdvisory services for planning and implementing the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, emission reduction standards, etc.

Sustainable waste- and recycling management

Waste segregation conceptsPlanning and implementation of waste prevention consultingLandfill gas captureLow-emission waste incinerationComposting and biogas plantsPlanning of regional recycling conceptsImplementation of specific approaches to recycling, e.g. for electric waste and waste oilWaste sorting plants

C) Cross-sectoral topics

Provision of market information for emerging and developing countriesFact-finding tours to emerging and developing countriesOpening new markets, initiating new contactsTechnology adaption
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