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Organizational form Research and Development (R&D)
Annual sales/project funds >50 million euros
Number of employees ≥250
Foundation 1960
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Target markets/partner countries

Asia & Pacific


Latin America/Caribbean


North Africa/Middle East

EgyptIsraelJordanLibyaMoroccoSaudi ArabiaTunisia

Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa

Climatically relevant technologies and services

A) Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions

Cross-sectoral interdisciplinary technologies for emission reduction

Other products and technologies, components and infrastructure reducing emissions

Energy-efficient cities and infrastructure

Utilization of waste heatAdaptive cooling and heating technologyEfficient cooling technology (air conditioning and refrigeration)Efficient pumps and desalination plants for waterEnergy-efficient server and network technologyEnergy saving lightingLED street lights

Low-emission mobility and transport

Alternative and low-emission fuelsFuel cell drivesEfficient combustion enginesElectric drivesInfrastructure for electric mobilityIntermodal logisticsCombined street-rail-transportMunicipal traffic concepts

Low-emission power supply (on- und off-grid)

Highly efficient power plantsSolar collectors

Other services

Advisory services for planning and implementing the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, emission reduction standards, etc.

B) Adaptation to climate change

Coastal and flood protection

Planning of dikes, flood protection constructions, sluice and drainage technologies

Disaster reduction

Public disaster prevention consulting

Failsafe information and communication networks

Datacenters with low cooling requirements

Failsafe transportation infrastructure

Planning of railway lines, streets and airports

Meteorological metrology and climate simulation

Calculation of climate scenariosForest fire managementWeather surveillance radar systems and softwareWind, air pressure and precipitation meters

Resilient energy infrastructures

Energy saving technologies

Water management

Fountain management (protection against flooding and contamination)Regeneratively powered desalination plantsWatershed planning

C) Cross-sectoral topics

Provision of market information for emerging and developing countriesOpening new markets, initiating new contactsTechnology adaptionMarketing/presentation of reference projects
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